13th January- Visiting Loundi

On Sunday we started our bumpy and jumpy ride to Rongo University, with planned visit to a primary school in the village of Loundi.

My experiance at Kingsway Prepatory School is one that will be hard to forget. On arrival we were greatly welcomed by both staff and students who all joined in in singing welcoming songs. These songs continued, everytime we entered a different classroom the room was filled with voices. The idea behind the trip here was to film and photograph areas of the school in order to create a promotional video to make people aware of the fact that the school are in need of electricity to supply the school. Whilst there the director gave us a tour of the school and its grounds, we were shown a well that was in the process of being constructed, it is vital that this well gets finished as at present school children are still having to walk up to 3km in order to collect water to provide the school. This results in the students missing part of their education, vital for them to have in order for them to fulfill their life aspirations.

After this visit will all jumped back on the Rongo bus to continue onto Rongo University College. When we arrived we were greatly received by staff members. After the long journey it was nice to finally arrive there!

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