First day of youth development voices workshop

Today we went to the UN to begin our video production training… it was ACE. They had giraffe bushes and loads of flags. The day kicked off with informative speeches from Willice, Demetry, Kevin and Sonja (who did a fab job and was the best by far). After those it was down to us to get started on the workshop. This was a bit daunting but we did a successful ice breaker and got ourselves into two groups. Everyone was really quiet initially and not responding to our questions. To get over the challenge of engaging them and encouraging discussion we gave them examples of our own ideas and asked their opinions on them. This gave them an idea of what approach to take and soon revealed that they are very passionate and proud to be Kenyan and led to a mind map full of great points… they responded well to praise and I think this made them more confident in voicing their ideas so much so that we had to narrow our ideas down as they had too much to wanted to raise awareness about. When we started training them to the equipment it was really fun and they got to grips with it quickly… the filming of sarahs tribal marriage was a highlight. Another highlight was finding out about their background and culture and all of us discussing and comparing life in England and Kenya. Aside from the engagement challenge, another difficultly we had was that we were often talking over each other as we all had a lot to say and weren’t used to the dynamics of teaching in a group but that is something we have learnt from 🙂 overall, the training was productive and effective and I am looking forward to seeing the documentary develop tomorrow! (it is about peace, marriage and cultural diversity)

After the workshop we went to the massai market which was really cool but also a bit scary… people grab you and pull you over and someone wanted to buy my playsuit off me so I panicked and ended up getting ripped off for a kaftan that looks like its made from a potato sack.

I am now really tired but enjoying sitting in the garden with it still being warm 🙂 also, we the saw the first monkey of the trip in the garden during brekkie today. Ooh ah ah.

2 comments on “First day of youth development voices workshop

  1. Wow I suppose narrowing down the suggested ideas because you all had too much you wanted to raise awareness about is a really good thing! It must mean everyone was getting really involved 🙂 I also can’t wait to see this video of sarah getting married.

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