My big day

the evening was spent calming myself down with South African white wine alongside sir Roderick in anticipation of tomorrow’s speech which I was going to hold in the UN African headquarters. The UN was a truly wonderful place and we were so honoured to be there and I was even more honoured to introduce us there to our Kenyan partners. The day started with inspirational speeches where in one the director of the UN volunteer programme told us that if we ‘if you can manage information you can rule the world’ which left me feeling hopeful about my future and inspired to improve my organisational skills. Once we were placed in groups with our Kenyan partners the initial hour was slightly awkward as both parties were apprehensive of one another, however after the plan for the day progressed and we actually grew really fond of one another. The programme went to plan and we actually got more than anticipated done which allows our group to visit Nairobi university to help interview our groups subject tomorrow morning. All in all a very successful day which left me believing in myself and my and my public speaking skills. Thanks to the UN’s HIV/aids awareness programme which is helping the prevention of these diseases amongst Kenyan communities we acquired a goody from a UN toilet dispensers which was the cherry on top of this fantastic day.


One comment on “My big day

  1. You did really well with your speech Sonja and glad that your pic reinforces the Health & Safety element in our Risk Assessment document.relating to HIV awareness.

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