Before Depature…

We leave for Kenya in two days now and I am trying to keep an open mind, free of any expectations! It has come around much quicker than expected and everything is starting to feel very real. Hopefully the culture shock won’t be too much to handle! All the fundraising has made the trip seem so much more worthwhile and has given me a real sense of achievement. At first i felt a little overwhelmed and nervous but after talking with the group i have realized now that we are all in the same boat; everyone has different skills and talents and i am sure we will be able to co-operate so that we bring the best out of everyone.

One comment on “Before Depature…

  1. Maddy it’s perfectly natural to feel this way…..I do every trip. Let me say this though….you guys have a wide range of skills, interests and talents. If you all work as hard as you have done with the fundraising you will do great things.

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