Reflection of the learning process in Kenya

Many of my family and friends said before I left for Kenya what an experience it would be and how lucky I was to get the opportunity- and they weren’t wrong! Being able to witness a different culture and be able to play a part in aiding people in the build- up to developing and setting up community media centres was so rewarding. From the teaching module community media, i’ve learned the importance of implementing change through the transferring of skills- teaching the teachers. Simply stepping into an environment and setting up a community media centre would simply not work. However, teaching people the skills they can share between other members of the community provides the people a voice, empowering them through the use of media. The people who took part in the workshop at the beginning of the trip were so passionate about helping others. From day one of the workshop to the last day, their aspirations were clear to see and the work we’d completed showed a clear positive impact on their plans.

Not simply the learning process, but the other adventures we encountered throughout our stay in Kenya were so rewarding too- from the Massi Mara, to going to an orphanage. The Massi Mara was a once in a lifetime experience and I know Peter’s trip was made by seeing his Cheetah- rather than my screaming at the bugs in the tent that same night! I know for sure I never want to see a jumping spider ever, ever again!!! Not to mention burning on the last day and now having tanned legs but only on the front half!

From going to Kenya I think it’s only confused me more. The benefits to both the communities and I are so rewarding in this line of work. However, but visiting the orphanage and the school it has spurred on my passion and love for teaching! It’s put me in a split situation as to whether to follow a career in teaching or make my way into the charity sector…  The opportunity to partake on this trip and gain so many life skills was amazing. I could never have imagined that was going to happen when i started uni 3 years ago! I cannot thank Peter enough for the brilliant work he takes part in completing over in Kenya and the teaching and learning that is undertaken before the trip- your work is so inspiring!

I know for sure I will envy future students’ of Peter’s who get to go to Kenya and I’ll be stuck in the UK!

One comment on “Reflection of the learning process in Kenya

  1. A fantastic final blog Rosie….you are more than welcome. I was roaring with laughter reading your thoughts – remembering the mossy bites (should have had marmite); the jumping spider screams and the sun burnt legs. Seriously though, whatever decisions you make about your future, I have no doubt that you will do great things. Many thanks for your kind words.

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