Masi Market.

Today we went to meet Kris in the town centre. We first went to an italien restaurant and reflected on the previous days meeting. Kris expressed his feeling’s of positivity from the meeting. I feel that if everyone is able to get and keep the ball rolling on all their ideas then the project will go far. I was impressed by Kris’s knowledge and vision for the community media projects.

After lunch we headed into the Masi Market with Kris as our shaperone. We were quickly and strategically spilt from each other and crowded by sellers. Peter made great friends right away with a player wanting to charge him for being his shaperone around the market “I’m gone” he shouted ” this man is english, they don’t feed us, I prefer Americans” they were born to disagree with eachother.

After a fun spot of hagaling with the sellers and getting lost in the noise and busel of preachers and beggers, we slugishly made our way out of the market stopped by each and everyone one of our new best friends on the way out. Once out of the market we said our goodbye’s to Kris and travelled back to the camp again for a hearty Ugalie a couple of tuskers and then bed. Tiring but fun day.

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