Workshop reflection


After today’s session it really hit home how much we have given to the community through our 3 day workshop. After the first day everything seemed a little uncertain and up in the air without teaching benefits, but throughout the last 2 days the students confidence has grown.  Not just simply transferring our skills to the students, but fulfilling the students ambitions to learn skills to teach to others.

The reflection process of the workshop as a whole and the video production outcome were incredibly insightful. The workshop reflection displayed major benefits for the communities and students. The students, and I both understand that utilizing the technologies and resources available to them is important for bringing communities together and working sustainably. I’m amazed by how well the students picked up the skills and knowledge to plan, produce and edit a video. It gave me an unbelievable sense of achievement in the fact I played a part in the start of changing and adapting the lives of community members. Giving people the opportunity to develop and transfer the skills developed throughout the workshop to help empower the lives of community members.

Workshop members were keen to develop their skills throughout the 3 days, and I hope they are continue and develop their skills and display this through the use of the blogging tool, WordPress. This way people can understand their ideas for CMCs and their ideas and visions can be developed through the support of others.

Watching the videos at the beginning of the session made me feel so proud! Proud that within 2 days we had turned a group of people who shied away from contributing and responding to questions asked, to people who can worked well in a team to understand the benefits of learning skills to transfer to others and give them an opportunity to have a say through the power of expression. My main reason for partaking in this journey was to see what my knowledge and  skills can do to better someone else’s live, maybe not directly but indirectly through the transferring of skills.

The whole trip so far is a complete eye opener to how much so little can do to change other people’s lives…

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