Reflections on Day 1 of the Community Media Capacity Building Workshop

Today was a really interesting first day that has not been without its challenges but all in all it was successful and both students and participants engaged impressively.

The scenario-based participatory learning workshop produced lots of passionate ideas and provided insights into the participants motivations to be involved in community media. The students will post their notes from these sessions soon. It was really interesting to see the Principal and Dean from a prestigous university wanting to partner with us in this & I am quite excited about this developing partnership. I am meeting them more formally today….so stayed tuned.

The afternoon practical session ran well…..apart from one or two technical glitches which unerved the students a little but it was not their faults and they coped really well with this. The one problem that could have been avoided had communications between ourselves and our lead partner for this workshop been more effective related to the editing software. We originally thought we were to be working with community residents with little or no experience but at some point the planning switched to university students who would work with this deographic. It makes sense but it meant we came prepared for one skills set and were faced with another more experienced one. That said the students were flexible enough to change focus and all is well.

We are looking forward to an interesting 2nd day when the participants start creating content. I’ll post the schedule later as I have to get ready to head off now.

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