Community Media For Kenya Workshop Day 2

Today was a most interesting and exciting day for us. The two productions we worked on today brought about some inciteful interviews and the students worked with excellent professionalism. I hope that my teaching was helpful and I certainly learnt alot about Kenyan culture from the aspirations of the students I worked with. The subject of the two productions were ‘youth unemployment’ and ‘developing CMC’s’. From the get go students engaged well with the mind mapping and storyboarding process during the pre-production stages in the morning, roles were given to each of the students to fulfill throughout the day these roles were Director, Producer, Interviewer/researcher, Camera Operator and Editor. Everybody settled into their roles well and acted with confidence in their positions within the team throughout the day. After lunch was the production phase, students used their planning in pre-production to full effect whilst conducting interviews within the Hotel. Once filming was completed and after a short tea break students got to work on post-production. Students have maintained the same high level of engagement with the activities and tasks from pre-production right through to post-production. This should make for some interesting and well refined final products. I have enjoyed seeing the process unfold throughout the day and look forward to watching the final outcome. Thank you to everyone for another successful day of work.

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