Final day in Ruiru – Day 3

Day three required an adjustment to our plans due to the software/hardware problems we encountered. Attempting to use an earlier version of the same software on the rather aged PCs was not ideal especially as we only had one copy which meant the use of a projector. This is not ideal for a hands on workshop but Hollie ran through the basic principles of editing admirably.  It’s always tough when presenting and the technology doesn’t perform but Hollie coped really well. After this introductory session students presented their shots in plenary session and giving critical insights to the thinking of the group production processes. These sessions stimulate much debate and helped each group to clarify their thoughts and plan the final editing which due to time constraints had to be carried out after we left. The agreement is that participants will complete their videos and send them to us for our feedback. They will then hold a reflective screening where they will critically assess both the technical elements of their productions together with the effectiveness of the video’s content.  This session will be filmed using the equipment we have left behind for them and this footage will also be sent to us.

This was aboutit in Ruiru. Time was pressing and we were running late. We washed up with areflective round table. A presentation of certificates of participation for all involved , some quite heart rending farewells to our new friends Ruiru and we were on our way to Kibugat, which lies some 5 hours to the  West, after we retrieved Abi’s card which had been chewed up by the ATM and then sent to another bracnch to the East.

We eventually arrived in Kibugat at 11.30  at night. Our hosts were waiting with a prayer and a meal…..bless them. For me thithis was like second home coming and I was greatly moved by their pleasure in seeing me again. We eventually got into bed at 1.30 in the morning. I told everyone to lie in and we changed the schedule so we could catch our breath. Something I should have planned in the first place as this trip is really intense. Still, we all learning and that somehow  is the point of this….well one of them.

Tomorrow I will start to relay our Kibugat adventures but right now I’m off for a good night’s sleep

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