DAYS 2 & 3 in Ruiru

As I write this we are on the Nairobi/Narok road heading to Kibugat village. Our adventures in Ruiru have come to an end for now. We had a great time there but it was not without its frustrations.

Day 2 in Ruiru started with each of the students shooting with the subject groups selected the night I’ll leave them to report back on their experiences but judging  from my early glimpses of their work our young parners  had clearly clearly been listening  to the girls.Some very I nteresting work had been created…and so to editing. Well that was the plan!

As things turned out the editing software we brought with us wouldn’t work on the donated PCs. Unfortunately, for reasons I will explain in a moment the students  were facilitating  the  workshops on their own own at the time.  I have to say I was extremely proud of the way the  students took the problem in their stride and managed the problem. Pulling something very possitive from a difficult situation.

One of the things I’ve learnt about going to Kenya is that no matter how clear you are about your timetable  , one of your partners will always schedule an additional meeting or two and the latter was prove to be the case………..more to follow.

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