Only one day till Kenya!

So I’ve just spent the whole day getting everything for Kenya, I’m exhausted! I hope that I’ve remembered everything. Sun tan lotion- check, Malaria tablets – check, toothbrush! Must remember toothbrush! I’m really looking forward to getting there, but we’ve got a long journey ahead of us.  Hopefully we can entertain ourselves on the plane, I hope they sufficiently feed us, though I’m not expecting much from the standard of plane food…. Well if it’s all revolting  we can always tun to the trusty free bar! 


Me, Hollie and Emma have been writing up lessons plans and presentations all week in preparation, I hope our knowledge can be of some use! Can’t wait to get involved within the communities and listen to the thoughts and experiences of the local people. But until then we’ll just have to make use of the time we have left so we can be fully prepared!! See you in Kenya people! 

3 comments on “Only one day till Kenya!

  1. Have the most fantastic trip everyone – can’t wait to hear and read and see all about it. See you when you get back.



    • Thanks Paula
      Everyone is very excited now and we’re making final preparations… packing 😉
      Speak soon
      Pete x

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