19.01.2018 – Luca

This morning we were being picked up at 8:45am again, I set my alarms nice and early (early for a student that is) and started to get ready. I was quite tired, and me being me I managed to fall over (in style) on my way out of my bedroom, whoops – at least it was comical for everyone who saw. It was very funny and I now have a little scrape that is now a nice memorabilia, haha. After that, on the way to the mini-bus I saw a Praying Mantis! I adore all of the wildlife out here, so it made me really happy to see such a beautiful little insect. I really wanted to pick it up… But I managed to resist the urge somehow! Just look at this precious little face:


After we hopped on the famous mini-bus, arrived at the university and ate some (amazing) breakfast we spent some time relaxing in the sunshine whilst waiting for members of the Cham gi Wadu community to arrive. Once they arrived, the CM4K team each took a moment to greet and introduce ourselves. It’s so nice to meet the community that we’ll be working so closely with during our time here. After introductions, we then had an informal discussion where the community updated us on progression from their end, and Peter then answered questions relating to this. After the discussion, we then had a question and answer session within our groups which really racked our brains! Despite the challenge, we all received a diversity of answers and all learnt a lot – it was brilliant to hear first-hand responses and it was a very insightful exercise. We had originally planned that after lunch, we’d go out in our groups and practice geo-mapping in preparation for the real thing next week, but unfortunately, we could not get an internet connection and without it, made the task impossible as internet is required. Nevertheless, it was a good reminder that just because things do not always go to plan, we can work together and face these challenges. We plan to retry on Monday after having the weekend to discuss and plan a solution, please keep all of your fingers and toes crossed for us! Here’s a little snap of my group:


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll catch you next week.

– Luca

P(oo).s. Movements are all normal, if not better from all of the healthy food we’ve been eating. 😉

18.01.18 – Luca


I can’t say I’ve ever written an online blog before, however I have spent various hours talking to myself and I feel that may be similar? Haha!

So, without further ado! Our day was due to start at 8:45am where we’d be catching a ride in our little mini-bus into the University of Rongo for breakfast, though, my day started at 4:30am where I was awoken by what I thought to be a GIANT bug in my bed… I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast, but as you can imagine, it wasn’t a bug, and in fact it was just some pillow sponge which had fallen out of the case… I felt better though when one of my other classmates said the exact same thing had happened to her, and suddenly I felt less embarrassed about being a scaredy-cat, haha.

Fast forward from my ordeal and a bit more sleep (undisrupted by any sponge this time) we got out breakfast! The food is truly phenomenal here, and I haven’t stopped eating. I already know I’m going to miss the food, especially being so motivated by my stomach!

After breakfast, we headed to our first class with our fellow students. Pete gave us a nice reminder that we’re no longer University of Brighton students and University of Kenya students, we’re CM4K and we’re a partnership. Our session was Community Media for Kenya, and we worked within groups and covered a lot of topics. I really enjoy working with others as you learn so much from other people’s perspectives. We also spent time talking about the project in relation to theories, and I know that I personally feel so much more excited (which I didn’t think was possible) now that I have gained a better understanding of what we’ll be doing during our time spent here, working with the other University students.

At lunch, I also found the cutest little bug friend (expect lots of insect updates) who used me as a climbing frame. I’m not sure what type of insect it was, perhaps some type of shield bug?

26904341_2022365257779637_6223244164928473714_n (1)

All in all, it’s been a great, but very tiring day. I have seen and held many bugs this afternoon, and thankfully not got bitten, however I am probably pushing my luck and don’t want to jinx it! We’re now off to relax for the evening, eat more good food, drink some beer and enjoy the sunshine. For now, have an out of context photo of us all playing What’s The Time Mr Wolf yesterday!


Luca 😊

Days 1 & 2

We have decided as a group to do joint blogs for the first two days whilst we are doing the same activities.

We began our journey by meeting at Gatwick Airport at 4pm (UK time). Our first flight was at 8:25pm to Dubai which took roughly 7 hours the plane was a huge double decker seating over 500 passengers. Luckily there were loads of films to keep us all entertained. We then arrived in Dubai where we had a 2 hour stopover. The smoking room was a new experience for us. We flew to Nairobi, which took 5 hours. The plane was slightly smaller this time and even though we were full of food and coffee we were really starting to lose energy.

Once we got to Nairobi there was a slight panic after we got through the visa control as the time on our phones hadn’t yet up updated from Dubai time. We rushed though the airports running with our cases because we thought we had 10 minutes to check our bags in, but in fact we still had over an hour… thanks Sam. The flight from Nairobi to Kisumu was only 30 minutes for which Katie slept through the whole flight. Once we arrived it was great to be greeted by Halima, Mercie, Charluf and Eve. They picked us up in the mini bus and drove us to Rongo University which was 4 hours away we finally arrived here at 9:30pm (Kenyan time). It was fascinating looking out the window and seeing the sun setting over Kenya and watching them going about their lives. Once we got into the Uni we had a great dinner and then drove back to our accommodation and crashed into bed.

This morning we drove to Kisi in a small 15-seater van and were all glued to the windows as we watched the amazing difference in culture and lifestyles pass us by. Once we were there, we bought SIM cards, withdrew some money from the bank, and bought some snacks and supplies from the supermarket. Including Toblerone ice creams!

Had a lovely lunch back at the university before doing ice breaking activities. First, we played concentration, it was clear that the Kenyans had played it before and we hadn’t! After we played What’s the Time Mr Wolf and then we played bulldog which was great fun but it left us very sweaty. Afterwards we all sat down and chatted, mostly about Katie dressing up her dog, which amazed our new Kenyan rafiki’s.

Lastly, we had dinner before saying lala salama and heading off to the accommodation.

P.S. Pete said we had to keep rude and vulgar postings to a minimum so … Bowel movements are still regular, for now.