Home safe

We all arrived home safely to our mum’s waiting for us, I really enjoyed the trip and think as well as teaching a lot I learnt a lot from them and I learnt more about editing in a few days then i knew before which will help me with my dissertation. I am so proud of all of us 🙂 Miss you already





Last day

On our last day we went to the second day of Stories from our Cities photography exhibition, because we had broken down at the Massi Mara due to timing we couldn’t get there the day before to help. However when we got there not alot had been done, so we began to help put things up and get things ready for the opening, after we had put a wall of photos up Fred came and told us we had done it wrong so we had to start again, with little time and few resources to get things stuck up we had to work quickly, by the time of the opening it was finished and due to our schedule we had to leave after pictures. I think this turned put really well and it was really nice seeing the different pictures of Brighton and Kenyan people. 

Massi Mara

The Safari was amazing, we got to see four of the BIG 5 and we got so close. It was an amazing experience I shall never forgot i loved it and I am going to add lots of pictures, especially of elephants. We then broke down in the middle of the park just as it was about to close, which was terrifying but I’ll be telling that story until I am an old lady and looking back it was hillaroius. On this trip i think we were all faced with some ups and downs and I am so proud of all of us for handling them all so well. Good job team!!

Deputy Governor and Lake Victoria

We went to meet the Governor but he was in Nairobi that day so we ended up having a meeting with the Deputy Governor which was interesting and we told him what we were doing and how we were helping. 

When we came back to the school we had little to do as we had finished our film and the other group had the computer, the night before we had a discussion on what to do the following day an our idea was to swap the video and photography groups around so they could teach each other the skills they learnt, however by this point the photography team were not finished yet so we had to improvise, Jen decided we would teach our group stop motion some wanted to learn this others did not, so we just carried on with the ones who did teaching them the basic skills of stop motion, after we played around we uploaded them so they could see what they had done.

The following day we all went to a community near Lake Victoria, we got off to a shaky start as there weren’t many people there due to a lack of communication however they went to find people in order for our time travelling there to be put to some use. After they found people we began our meeting, we filmed it during the speeches, as everyone discussed how we could all help. After this the people split into two groups and as we were there just to observe, we filmed what the were talking about. This was interesting to watch, as we had come to teach and engage with them and we got to see what they had learnt from us not just media skills but communication as well.

We then went down to Lake victoria and as i had a tummy upset and didn’t want to make it even worse i dipped my toe in! After this is was our last night in Rongo which was sad but we will all stay in touch through facebook.

Gold mining in Poverty

On day 2 at Rongo University we were waiting for everyone to be ready so myself, Maddy and Jen decided instead of wasting time to begin setting up the editing software we would be using, as we knew we would be pressed for time to do it later. However due to technical difficulty we were unable to set it up and later resulted in using Peters laptop to edit.

We then travelled to the Gold mines, which was really interesting I didn’t know the process of it and after going there and hearing peoples stories I feel making our group documentary on it was worth while. As we were pushed for time we began filming B-roll and then did an interview with a lady who worked there, as she was working to making the viewers who might not know the process see it first hand. As she didn’t speak English we agreed to add subtilise during the editing. After we had done this we began the presenting of the introduction and conclusion, I feel this all went well and according to schedule however towards the end we suggested what they could do to help speed up the process and they didn’t listen but we decided to let them get on as it was their documentary not ours. We then came back and uploaded all our footage to Peters computer and began editing whilst showing them what we were going to do and asking them what they wanted us to do. Due to time constraints we couldn’t do a editing tutorial on the projector like we first planned however due to the other group having technically difficulty they joined ours and it became a editing tutorial, which worked out well for them as they would be editing the next day and then new what to do. After cutting it, putting it in order, adding transitions, music, ect, we all watched it back and liked it. Although due to technically difficulty again the music didnt import properly but now we are home we can fix it and export to youtube after doing this we will send them the link. In the future we should take more laptops with the correct editing software on it, but it all worked out in the end.

New rafiki’s

This was our first day in Nairobi teaching video skills to people, I was so exited to get started and meet the people we were going to be working with. We arrived at the UN which was a little scary because of the security, they had guns! When we got there we realised we had forgotten the flips which they were going to take away and film there b-roll with however this was quickly sorted as we had two cameras and 3 tripods as well as my flip and willies flip. But this did mean we were more pushed for time as we had to film the b-roll together. We began by hearing introduction speeches about social media, online engagement as well as what these workshops can achieve and how hey can help. We began by doing and ice breaker but instead of the “what makes you happy” we did what media skills do you have and your name, I feel this helped break the ice and got everyone to know each other. As there weren’t as many people there as we thought we all split into two groups of five both participants as well as us. We then began mind mapping ideas of issues they wanted to raise awareness about and the message they wanted to get across the main ideas were; culture, community, peace, marriage, Kenya, environmental management and religion. We explained how we wanted to touch on all subjects but any good documentary film has a main focus and point it would like to discuss through out. We discussed and decided on peace, marriage and cultural diversity as our title. We then wrote out our 3 interview questions and drew up storyboard whilst giving tips on what to do and how to do it, went through and selected roles, as well as discussing who they wanted to interview, they selected , two interviewees; Dennis and Christine but as Christine was not there we had to use someone new in our group; Stacy. We the. Went over all equipment and how to use it, I felt doing a mock interview with us helped them understand how to use it and what to do and what not to do during the productions stages. After finishing our storyboard we began filming b-roll which I feel related back to the topic well, we then discussed what we would need to do tomorrow so we were organised and on top of it as we were short on time.

Amani an upends Nairobi

Today was our last day teaching in NAirobi, we started off by showing the group what we had edited last night, we decided to go in early to get the best use of our time. After showing them what we had done we briefly explained how to do it, they all liked what we had done and we continued editing so they would be able to do some things aswell. However these things weren’t very big to the overall film so I feel a little disappointed that we couldn’t teach them as much as we could but in the little time we had I feel we went through a lot, especially in the filming stages specifically when teaching them about the different camera shoots, movements and frames. We then added the music, credits, titles, transitions, ect. As we were shirt on time we couldn’t add some things they wanted to for example George’s picture however we were able to add one of his pictures. Then after Maddy came to the rescue after more technically difficulty we began exporting it so we could put it on youtube. The screening of the films was fun and nice to watch back but it was blurry due to the way it had been exported so we said we would fix it at a later date and send them all the link on Facebook. I am so proud with my group and how well everyone did, everyone seemed please with the end result and I enjoyed working with everyone in my group, I feel the topic although potential sensitive in Kenya was one of the reasons we came and makes all the small mistakes worth while, if it can continue in this way people of all ages can voice their option and maybe the issues can be solved and in the future things can be changed. I really enjoyed the other groups film as well you could tell they worked hard and everyone had helped each other. I feel on doing these workshops I have learnt from them about life here and various cultures and I have learnt more about video through these workshops with some of the things raised by them and now in the future I know how to fix them.

Day 2

We began by forgetting the tripod but quickly remembered them after we left, we also forgot to get a prize for the mistakes video quiz however im the end it all worked out. Yesterday started off very stressful as all the internet and equipment for me to play my ‘mistakes video’ was unable to work it and so this meant wasting time which we didnt have so we decided to move on which I am happy about but it is unfortuante they were unable to see what kind of mistakes to look out for. Our peace and marriage grouo then began filming b-roll of dennis, our directors wedding photos and all of us together having a good time, I feel these will both fit well in the final film. We theb began our interveiws with stacy and dennis who both decided to have opposote veiws on inter cultrual marriage however they dont feel this way they just wanted to show the audience how oppions vary. These both went well and ran smoothly which means we will find it easier to edit. We then began uploading footage to the computer but had some technical difficulty which was again wasting little time we had whilst doing this myself and david scripted and recorded the voice over in order to save time, however when maddycame to the rescue we were able to start editing whilst teaching them basics as we edited however as we had little time our team suggested to us they we edited when we came back in the evening, so we disscussed what they what like us to do and to save time do it and show them how the followong morning this made it alot quicker to do. myself, taylor and sarah then contiued editing by putting all the clips in order, cut out the interveiwer, chop bROLL,  ADDING the voice over in the right place,taking sound off broll ect we then made a list of everything we needed to do the following day. I feel we were then more prepared for the next day so ready to teach them and get it done with in the time we were allocated. I felt today that we couldve been more prepared but sometimes technical things happen which cant be helped but resulted in making me feel embrassed wheb we couldnt contiue or fix the problems however we managed to agree how to resolve the problem.