Days 1-4


On our first day, we went to the uni. Peter and Jerry spoke about the plan for the coming week while we sat outside. We met a teacher who explained how he wants more white people to work with the uni, and that he really enjoys meeting new people. 

He also explained that how where he’s from, people get a name based on what time of day they were born. For example, the day time is Omondi for men, and Amondi for women. 

We later met the students, after introductions we played some icebreaker games. We played a few name games and had a laugh. It was such good fun! After we had a lecture, where we spoke about the meanings of community and radio to us in two groups – Brighton students and Rongo students. Although we said basically the same things, the Rongo students have such passion towards what community means. I found listening to them talking about it so fascinating as community seems to be such a big part of their lives. Seeing how passionate and emotional the Rongo students were about the meaning of community was so emotional to me, I really felt what they were saying in my heart. 

It’s so nice experiencing us all coming together in this way, I feel so much closer to everyone already!! 

DAY 2&3

At the weekend we (Brighton students) went on trips to Lake Simbi and a place that showed traditional Lou settlements. This I really felt helped us bond as a team, it was great fun to spend the car journeys playing games together and experiencing and learning about a new culture together. 


We met the Universities Vice Chancellor, Samuel Gudu. He spoke about the benefits of us working together, whilst Peter joined in and explained the long term benefits students have seen from the partnership. Already I can feel these benefits myself and am so excited to see how this partnership helps me progress in the long run!

We then had a community radio lecture, which explained the brief background history of the words ‘community’ and ‘communication’ as well as community radio. 

The whole class was then split into three groups: audio, video and photo. In the time after, we worked out how to use equipment. 

I was in the audio group, we didn’t have much experience for the most part. Due to her background in community radio, Rachael understood the Zoom Audio Recorders we were using and explained to us all how to use it. We then played around recording fake interviews, again I really enjoyed how this enabled us to get to know each other more. 

I have really enjoyed the process of getting to know everyone! I’m so excited to start this journey and work together on such a meaningful project. 

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