25th….its Thursday i cant help thinking of last month

I had an ugly morning I thought of not being a Chelsea fan and there i was … I had to have a good day  ..haha. To Peter’s lecture we had to divide ourselves into three groups that is audacity, videography and photography .

Being in the photography group for the first time and of course my second day learning from my experienced group members; Hafsa, Geoff and Japhet ….something is happening here I’m really getting through it well, getting eager to learn more from what i saw them trying to teach each other about manual photography.

It’s my second day onto fieldwork and I mean I am having a fantastic day! having perfected all my shots  with Hafsa and Geoffrey endorsing them, unknowingly for them they are really boosting my  confidence and I can’t be thankful enough for CM4K for bringing all this together for me to learn much about photography.

I am not really engaging but least for Geoffrey he has got a quick wit that makes me feel challenged and i am beginning to have a lot of confidence in me to engage everyone in the field. And to you Hafsa and Peter you mastered my name so fast i really don’t have the time to hide behind my friends in the field in fact i am beginning to be more active and resourceful. Thanks CM4K

Its Ann BTW!


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