The day is here :)

The phrase hakuna matata has never had more relevance. As I have been relatively busy the past few weeks the day of leaving has krept up on me! Packing has been easy but Hollie has scared me because I seem to have a lot more room in my bag than her. Maybe outfit changes are less important, maybe I’m better at packing, maybe I’ve forgotten everything. Either way, it’s too late now.


I’m really excited about meeting everybody that has supported our planning processes while have been in England and all the lovely people we are staying with and places we are staying! Thank you to all of you in advance.

As soon as we can (internet connection provided) we will upload some photos so you can see all the exciting things we are doing. I’m really looking forward to seeing our lesson plan and power point in action! I also hope that we can leave that work behind and it will be useful in the future.


See you all soon and keep reading our blogs pleeease 🙂

The day has finally arrived!! :D

It’s here! In a couple of hours we will be winging our way to Kenya! I must admit I am a bit too excited, just want to be there already. As always I am not completely ready (keep taking stuff out and then putting stuff back into my backpack) but I’m nearly there…

As Abi said yesterday we have already prepared lesson plans and a power point and we will be adding more to them on the plane and on the stop over in Dubai. I can’t wait to meet all the people involved in the projects and to see all the places we are scheduled to visit. I just hope that we can help in any way we can whilst we are out there.

I will try and upload pictures as soon as I can so show everyone what it is like and keep everyone updated on our adventure.

Video in Development: Filming for Social Change

Lie, R. & Mandler, A., 2009. Video_in_Development CTA and FAO

This book is about using video in rural interventions for social change.
It gives a glimpse into the many creative ways in which video can
be used in rural development activities. Capitalising on experience
in this field, the book aims to encourage development professionals
to explore the potential of video in development, making it a more
coherent, better understood and properly used development tool
– in short, filming for rural change.

Only one day till Kenya!

So I’ve just spent the whole day getting everything for Kenya, I’m exhausted! I hope that I’ve remembered everything. Sun tan lotion- check, Malaria tablets – check, toothbrush! Must remember toothbrush! I’m really looking forward to getting there, but we’ve got a long journey ahead of us.  Hopefully we can entertain ourselves on the plane, I hope they sufficiently feed us, though I’m not expecting much from the standard of plane food…. Well if it’s all revolting  we can always tun to the trusty free bar! 


Me, Hollie and Emma have been writing up lessons plans and presentations all week in preparation, I hope our knowledge can be of some use! Can’t wait to get involved within the communities and listen to the thoughts and experiences of the local people. But until then we’ll just have to make use of the time we have left so we can be fully prepared!! See you in Kenya people!